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Ticino - Switzerland



August 30th -

September 5th

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lays the foundation for healthy, efficient reactions that underlie spontaneous action.


Awareness    Relaxation    Action   


The  mixture of relaxation and tone, that we need in daily life will be clarified by improving the complexity of our awareness through precise movement.


Tai Chi

develops balance in gravity (axis), relaxed intentional action involving all of yourself, and cultivates ease which contributes to flexibility, strength and speed.







Alan Freebury

Alan teaches in both the Feldenkrais and tai chi traditions in San Francisco and Europe.


He continues practicing tai chi (short, long, sword, and saber forms) learned with Ben Lo, Fong Ha and other students of Yang Sau-Chung, Cheng Man-Ching, Dong Ying-Chieh and Chen Wei-Ming since 1973.


After graduating with Honors at UC Berkeley (Comparative Studies of Human Development) Alan began with Dr. Rolf his practice in Rolfing™ (Structural Integration™), continuing with her to complete his Advanced Rolfer™ Certification in 1976. 



Studies with Dr. Feldenkrais, Ruthy Alon and Mia Segal in the 1970s led to completing his certification as a Feldenkrais Practitioner with Elizabeth Beringer, Master Practitioner with Mia Segal and then assisting in Feldenkrais trainings in the US and Europe. 


His work is informed by his Buddhist practice and 17 years as a Paramedic Firefighter and teaching emergency medicine in San Francisco.


Anne Münstermann

Anne graduated as Feldenkrais practitioner with Elizabeth Beringer in August 2005.


Then she started working at home and abroad. Her own practice is close to the Rhine Falls in Switzerland.

She combines her hobby of traveling and interest for languages with her work thanks to numerous chances to take advanced trainings.

Her main focus for years has lain on pursuing mainly trainers of the first generation – direct students of Dr. Feldenkrais. She is grateful for the chances of having been able to study with Myriam Pfeffer, Mia Segal, Ruthy Alon, Chava Shelav, Yochanan Rywerant and Eli Wadler. She also worked in Feldenkrais trainings of E. Wadler, R. Alon and R. Bar and of course in E. Beringer's training in Biel.

In summer 2016 she became Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer. 


These travels and trainings have inspired her to offer workshops since 2012 in beautiful places close to the sea or the mountains which have drawn other Feldenkrais practioners as well as those new to the work. 
With Alan creating each program new (fresh for those returning), offering joyful challenges.
















September 2016
Dear Anne, dear Alan 
Thank you - thank you so much!
It was a "tight" important week in beautiful surroundings away from the hustle and the daily stress. 
The daily, lovingly guided TaiChi lessons and the very intensive Feldenkrais lessons have brought healing to me. Some tensions, caused by poor posture have come loose. Feldenkrais, as well TaiChi train the body awareness in a very impressive manner. 
This small hotel, the loving service, fine dining, the beautiful protected pebble beach and the crystal clear sea, not to mention the beautiful, well-equipped motion room overlooking the sea .... Yes, that leaves nothing to be desired!
So I will go further on the path of mindfulness. In any case, I will participate in the workshop in 2017 again. 
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